A beautiful woman …

What makes a woman beautiful ..? An age old question that has mystified women for years. Shopping with my teenage daughter today and seeing her in such a frenzy to purchase the latest this and that made me think about this pondering question…

I came across this beautiful quote from one of my inspirations Audrey Hepburn. This is so very true! The true beauty of a woman is not what she wears or how she looks ~ it’s about how she treats people with humility, integrity and poise.

Keep it real girls !!

D xx


Embrace you and what makes you – YOU ..!

In my 39 years on this planet, a huge chunk of my energy has been used worrying about what other people thought of me. Am I good enough? Am I cool enough? Am I pretty enough? – the list would go on and on…!

When I got divorced I decided to change my mindset and way of thinking. I decided to stop trying to fit into “societies ideals” and started concentrating on myself and all the interesting quirkiness that makes me me and I have never been happier!!!

So my advice to you is embrace your quirks. Embrace what makes you the beautiful, unique soul that you are… it’s only then that you are truly free.

D x

You are strong ..!

Being strong … something I always thought I wasn’t until I got divorced and started down this road of single motherhood. I am strong because I never allow/ed myself to be defeated by all of the challenges and obstacles thrown my way. Where there’s a will there’s a way….! Believe and achieve ..!!!

A good friend sent me this quote today. She has also had many struggles also and knows what it’s like to battle on regardless of what is thrown at her. Here’s to you Angela ! I’m so thankful our paths have crossed. β€οΈβœ¨πŸ™Œ

D x

Fill your cup …

Life is sure busy. Often we get carried away with our responsibilities and trying to please and take care of everyone around us – that we forget about ourselves! Work, family and social pressures can leave us exhausted at the end of the day – our cup is empty and there is no energy for anything…

In my previous married life this was me! I did everything for everyone including my then husband. It certainly took its toll. I look back on past photos and I can see the exhaustion in my soul oozing out of my aura. 

One thing divorce has taught me and coming through the other side is to make sure you fill your own cup EVERYDAY! Do things that make you happy. Go for a walk, read in the sun, meditate, do yoga, journaling, painting or even just turn your music up loud and dance crazily around your lounge room! Do something every day to fill your cup! You won’t regret it..!

D xΒ 

I choose kindness

In a world where many are relying on their own self gratification to measure their awesomeness – I choose to be kind. 

I try to teach my two children and also the students I teach to be kind. In a world where many are just out for themselves this can prove to be an impossible task. 

I choose to let that person in front of me in traffic, I choose to smile at strangers, I choose to help my colleagues, friends and family without any hesitation. Most importantly I choose to continue to be kind to those who do me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I am no push over – I just choose to live my life whole heartedly with love, light and kindness at the forefront. D x

Being positive in a negative world ..

It can be hard to continue being positive in a world where self gratification and selfishness seem to be emotional currency now a days. It is so easy to fall down “the spiral” of negative self talk. It is during these times you need to acknowledge how far you’ve come and be proud of what you’ve achieved thus far. Try and let go of the negative and focus on the positive. D x