It’s ok little one ..

The last 24 hours have been some of my darkest hours. It is 12:51 am and I can’t sleep.

I have so much negative in my life at present and it can sometimes be extremely overwhelming to continue to remain strong and positive all the time. Negative in my personal and professional life as a result of other people’s actions and personal circumstances. I find it hard to continue to stay positive at all times and this is when “the black dog” rears its ugly head.

I’m proud of myself for acknowledging my actions and are going to make steps towards healing from these.

It is ok to not be ok and I must remember this. It is a heavy load to continue to be positive all the time when life is continuing to throw you lemons…. but with love, light and faith I will get through this.

I’m proud of myself for even just having the courage to put myself out there to acknowledge my demons. I will get through this. I will take day by day and reconnect with my inner child ~ nurture her and nurse her back to health so I can then I turn nurture all of my little humans who rely on me every day ~ my two amazing children and my current and past students.

D x

Live today as if it’s your last …

We have all heard it before… yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future … live in the present ~ certainly easier said than done .. especially when situations continue to occur outside of your control.

A friend offered me some advice recently ~ “when your children are older what / how do you want them to remember you by… Do you want them to remember you as the happy, fun loving mumma you know you are or one who is fearful of the future and a submissive wall flower”

This very piece of advice shook me to the core. I won’t lie I have let my problems effect me a little too much of late. I’ve encompassed the sadness of revelations that my dad’s rare blood cancer has actually gone into his Bone Marrow. I’ve also succumbed to feeling trapped with the continued barrage of s**t thrown at me by my ex husband. Life has been difficult to say the least.

NO MORE!!!!! NO MORE!!!!

I’m not going to let sadness overwhelm and consume me anymore! I need to be strong for my children and my family. I want to enjoy the times ahead with my dad with positivity, happiness and most importantly gratitude. To look back and know I did the best I could every day .. regardless of circumstances.

Today I choose to be present. Today I choose to be the best version of myself for my two amazing children, my family and friends.


D x

Cancer can’t …

Yesterday I found out some negative news in relation to my dad’s cancer. Dad has been suffering with a rare blood cancer for a few years now. We have been riding the motions with that.

Recently he needed a Bone Marrow Biopsy and sadly results came back yesterday that the cancer has spread into his bones – specifically his Bone Marrow.

I just want to scream!!!

But you know what – You’re not going to break us!!!!


D x

It’s all about how you see things …

On the 1st January 2019 I went for a glorious walk in the rainforest with my children and one of my closest friends and her tribe. It was simply breathtaking ~ soaking up all of Mother Nature’s goodness. Not only was it a perfect way to start off a new year but also very soul cleansing. The overall sense of peace I had in the moment was extremely powerful and consumed me whole heartedly like an intoxicating potion.

I took this photo (below) and it wasn’t until later when I sat down and really took it in. The simplicity and rawness of the picture. Whatever angle you view the photo from you will see largely the same image. It’s Mother Nature’s work at her finest ~ to show us that regardless of how you view something there is always a different way of looking and viewing..

Made me think of how you see or experience something. Perhaps someone’s angered you or treated you wrong. Reflect ~ look at the problem from another angle and reflect. It could be a lot simpler then once thought.

Try to see the good in every situation. Practise gratitude and mindfulness ~ what is this teaching me?

I guarantee when one starts seeing the beauty in everything ~ even something “shitty” can be turned into a positive lesson.

Sending you light and love for you to be able to do the same.

D x

New Year … New Beginnings …

31st of December .. reflecting back on the year that was. A year of highs and lows, challenges and lessons. I’m so proud of how strong I have become..! It hasn’t been easy and giving up has never been an option although there were times I could have easily done so.

I draw from this year strength and courage.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2019 ..!!!

You’ve got this ..!!!

D xx

A beautiful woman …

What makes a woman beautiful ..? An age old question that has mystified women for years. Shopping with my teenage daughter today and seeing her in such a frenzy to purchase the latest this and that made me think about this pondering question…

I came across this beautiful quote from one of my inspirations Audrey Hepburn. This is so very true! The true beauty of a woman is not what she wears or how she looks ~ it’s about how she treats people with humility, integrity and poise.

Keep it real girls !!

D xx

Embrace you and what makes you – YOU ..!

In my 39 years on this planet, a huge chunk of my energy has been used worrying about what other people thought of me. Am I good enough? Am I cool enough? Am I pretty enough? – the list would go on and on…!

When I got divorced I decided to change my mindset and way of thinking. I decided to stop trying to fit into “societies ideals” and started concentrating on myself and all the interesting quirkiness that makes me me and I have never been happier!!!

So my advice to you is embrace your quirks. Embrace what makes you the beautiful, unique soul that you are… it’s only then that you are truly free.

D x

You are strong ..!

Being strong … something I always thought I wasn’t until I got divorced and started down this road of single motherhood. I am strong because I never allow/ed myself to be defeated by all of the challenges and obstacles thrown my way. Where there’s a will there’s a way….! Believe and achieve ..!!!

A good friend sent me this quote today. She has also had many struggles also and knows what it’s like to battle on regardless of what is thrown at her. Here’s to you Angela ! I’m so thankful our paths have crossed. ❤️✨🙌

D x