Live today as if it’s your last …

We have all heard it before… yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future … live in the present ~ certainly easier said than done .. especially when situations continue to occur outside of your control.

A friend offered me some advice recently ~ “when your children are older what / how do you want them to remember you by… Do you want them to remember you as the happy, fun loving mumma you know you are or one who is fearful of the future and a submissive wall flower”

This very piece of advice shook me to the core. I won’t lie I have let my problems effect me a little too much of late. I’ve encompassed the sadness of revelations that my dad’s rare blood cancer has actually gone into his Bone Marrow. I’ve also succumbed to feeling trapped with the continued barrage of s**t thrown at me by my ex husband. Life has been difficult to say the least.

NO MORE!!!!! NO MORE!!!!

I’m not going to let sadness overwhelm and consume me anymore! I need to be strong for my children and my family. I want to enjoy the times ahead with my dad with positivity, happiness and most importantly gratitude. To look back and know I did the best I could every day .. regardless of circumstances.

Today I choose to be present. Today I choose to be the best version of myself for my two amazing children, my family and friends.


D x

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